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A 3PL Solution in Puerto Rico

Freeway Solutions Inc. was founded in San Juan, Puerto Rico 2004 by Stephen Siegel and Elsie Siegel.

As with so many successful entrepreneurs, it is their life experiences that prepared them for their realized success.  Stephen, having worked over 20 years in a family owned second generation third party logistics company (3PL) servicing  both USA and PR to big box retailers understood all aspects of the business operations and became passionate about the 3PL Industry. He sets out to open a company that would not just meet the level of expected service but exceed them by, “Going the Distance”.   Along with his partner Elsie Siegel, a successful entrepreneur herself, in the media marketing and sales field, they create the dream 3PL Company Freeway Solutions Inc. (D/B/A Freeway Logistics) that would be free to expand and incorporate new strategies in the logistics field in a way that can bring solutions to the markets’ needs in Puerto Rico.

The power of word of mouth will never be surpassed by any other media. The early success that was obtained by Freeway Logistics came from reputation and relationships.  Many Local and multi-national companies hire Freeway Logistics, because they knew of their early successes in exceeding clients expectations.  Behind every successful company, lie its employees.  Freeway hires highly trained and motivated employees, who operate safely and execute all procedures in conjunction with customer specific requirements and understand the value in team work.

Years later the goal remains the same, to fulfill and exceed our customers’ expectations of what a third party logistics service can be, through an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, and a culture of achievement, dedication and learning.  We strive to provide our clients with a unique experience of best in class service, increase efficiency and reduce cost, the same efficiency gains, and cost reductions that immediately lead to the expansion and growth of both the client and Freeway Logistics.

Our Mission

Freeway Logistics will fulfill and exceed our customer’s expectations of what 3rd-Party Logistics service can be, through an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, and a culture of achievement, dedication, and learning.