Berkey Case Study

Berkey® Systems

Berkey® Water Purification Systems is one of our clients. Since day one, our relationship has been a success story. Our first meeting was excellent. We hit it off from the start.

The Berkey® Systems team was looking for a 3PL company that would provide logistics services in Puerto Rico. They already knew they wanted to take advantage of the excellent tax incentives Law 20 gives and also wanted to contribute to job creation in Puerto Rico.

Part of Berkey® Systems' logistics needs included light manufacturing, to increase their production and generate growth.

Freeway Logistics understood how to comply with Law 20 and became the perfect partner of Berkey® Systems.

We put in place a strategy to satisfy the client’s needs: a detailed logistics plan that included a light manufacturing line that would also allow for growth.

As in any light manufacturing assembly line, attention to detail is key, so training our team together with Berkey® Systems was part of the process.

We started manufacturing 300 units daily. Twenty-two months later, manufacturing went up by 400%. Berkey® Systems’ sales went up, and eventually 90% of production was moved to Puerto Rico.

Once manufacturing is done, everything is sent to our Houston warehouse, where we store and distribute the product as needed.

This is a job we are very proud of. A job in which trust, transparency, efficiency, and dedication are key to make this a long-lasting partnership and success story.

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Puerto Rico
  • Royal Industrial Park, B-2
    Road 869 Km 1.5 Barrio Palmas
    Cataño, PR 00962

  • 787-795-2539

  • 8828 Taub Rd
    Suite 100 Building 3
    Houston TX 77064

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