Newell Brands

Newell Brands, an American worldwide manufacturer of consumer and commercial goods, came to Freeway Solutions looking for a partner that could effectively improve their order fulfillment, inventory management, and distribution processes.

Newell had been struggling with organizing their piece count into units accurately. Delivering the goods was consuming too many hours waiting on validation of the orders, thus incurring in additional costs.

We implemented a systematic and efficient pick-and-pack process that ensured each unit or bundle was completed, put together, and delivered in such a way that the store was able to validate the order in a fast and efficient manner.

Our process brought incredible results and was immediately implemented in other international markets.

Productivity went up by 37%. The accuracy rate went up 99.9% compared to their prior logistic partner. Our client’s client was able to be more efficient at validating the orders, a win-win situation for Newell Brands. Customization differentiates us from the competition and it is a proven formula that brings great success to our clients.

Let us know what are your company’s needs and we will design the plan that will bring you success.

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