Manage Peak Season with Great Success

Posted by Freeway Logistics

The biggest shopping season is around the corner: Peak season, starting on Black Friday, followed by Cyber Monday, and ending after the Holiday Season. For some retailers, the holiday season represents 40% of their annual revenue.

It is a season when demand grows. Efficient planning helps you get through it successfully. How do you make the supply chain work at these peaks? Here are some tips:

Try to have a clear projection for your business. Use data from previous years to forecast sales and relate them to industry trends.

Prioritize shipments
If specific products need to arrive early, those should be the first to consider in the distribution management. Keep in mind that inventory in stock and available for shipping have a better chance of getting purchased early on. It will also give you a good opportunity for your push and pull strategy.

Get a reliable 3PL partner
Choosing a reliable logistics partner, particularly in high season, is vital to ensure your business’s profitability.
A 3PL service can save you a lot of time and money. They are the ones that will prepare you best for peak season.
Being able to handle the heavy seasonal demands is tricky. Instead, a third-party logistics provider will help so companies can focus on their core business, their marketing campaigns, customer support, and sales. You can ensure your customers a great shopping experience while your orders are safe in the hands of capable experts. Of course, the best time to find a logistics partner for the peak season is to look for one in advance.

Take advantage of technology

Ensure your 3PL has a reliable Warehouse Management System (WMS) that will work for you and continuously optimize your inventory. This supply chain visibility level enables efficiency and makes it possible to simulate your product strategies and sales.

Implementing a reliable plan during Peak Season helps avoid many of the problems the Season can bring. Issues such as lack of inventory, US customs, or transportation delays. It’s time to get the best out of this Season and increase sales.

If you’re ready to team up with a 3PL provider for the holidays, or the long-term, look no further than Freeway Logistics.

We will tailor-make a flexible plan that will work with your needs and goals to help you grow and support you during Peak Season and all-year-round.

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